Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Great Leader And A Great Mindset

In my journey of this life, I have come across many folks, all with diverse mindsets and perception to life. But amidst all one thing must stand clear and should not be confused with others things. Simply put, people vary and circumstances changes 'things' - it seems.

As a great leader that you're; never put temporary folks in some permanent positions of your life, and don't be intimidated to remove the wrong ones from the right place in your life either. If it's your life then it must be your own Right.

Never apologize for doing or standing by or for what is right. Be bold to take a great decision concerning your life; after all, it is your life! Some folks may call it pride, don't argue, let them know that it's called class!

Let me borrow from words of a friend: "No matter the economy of the jungle, Lions will never eat grass. And even if education is free, a rat will never go to the same school with a cat. Shun negative people. They are like cars without engines. Find the company of the right folks; they will always take you somewhere." You can't change what you see until you learn from what you see. Be discreet with confidential matters. Knowing that only a few really care. 

Finally; please note that some people come into your life like a dark storming night, but when the storms are over and the sun rises, it becomes a beautiful day. Make beautiful days in your Life by removing the "Storms" in your life.

With much love!

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