Thursday, May 25, 2017

Leadership And The Quest For True Happiness

Leadership is about helping others find themselves; and guess what; you'd also find yours - that is true fulfillment. Let me make it very simple and straight to the point. This analogy concerns you and everyone around who is in search of true happiness.

Leadership And The Religious Fantasy - The Enemy Of Global Progress

Religion had been, still is and will be the greatest enemy of any nation and except we begin to use explore our brains that has been freely given to us by The Almighty Creator; we're doomed to eternal destruction. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Untapped And The Forgotten Greatness Of The African Giant - The Dickson Leadership Excavators

You think you know me and where I come from. I think you should thing again. Yea, I know that! Am black and am from Africa; yes, that's all 'they' know about me, and how sad that they so little and almost nothing:

Detours To Great Leadership And The Fall

Trial and temptations comes in different shapes and sizes. What is so tempting to you might not necessarily be to another. We also have varying ‘carrying capacities' as well. Here I shall narrate an experience of a great potential leader and how "the fall" came about; such that can learn and be free from destruction.

The Hidden Leadership And The Gifted Minds

Every leader that has ever lived on this side of eternity had manifested one form of great talent or the other. Without our notice such gifts and talents becomes the sources and frontiers of influence; without which they would never have affected lives and bring change to the world around them. Hundreds and thousands lived and left the earth.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Dickson Theory Of African Realism - A Food For Thought

Imagine, just imagine it for a while; you were busy at home. A thief stole in your apartment, there was no life lost and no property destroyed; only that it was taken away. As time and seasons unfolds itself, in few days, just few days, he, your said thief was caught. Your concern was how, why, who, when and the whats.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Grass-root And Foundational Leadership

Most great men leave their children behind while they train other men's children. They unconsciously invest in their young, uneducated errand boys who goes about with them; little do they know, that while their children  are at home watching TV,

The Battles And Struggles Of Leadership

Politicians who are worshipping you should re-examine themselves. What do they owe to you? You, who sold all national assets of Nigeria including the Nigerian shipping line, Nigerian Airways, Nitel, Nigeria houses and institutions, you sold everything except Aso Rock. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

15 Outstanding Questions Leaders Ask Themselves

No matter how large your organization, leaders can always lead by example. What kind of example did you set today? What questions should leaders ask themselves each day? We polled the Y Scouts Leadership Community and selected the 15 questions below:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Humility And The Act Of Leadership

The Almighty Creator always responds in love to a humble heart, and He always rejects a proud one. One moment King Nebuchadnezzar was boasting about having built the world's most advanced civilisation. The next moment he'd lost his mind and was crawling on all fours, eating grass like an animal.

The Principles And Practice Of Leadership 1

Leadership is about facing realities of daily life, anyone who's ignorant of the present situation and conditions of a people, communities, nations, country and etc should not dare show him in the leadership arena or even in politics. Practice or practical life is the key! 'He comforts us in all our troubles.'

The Principles And Practice Of Leadership 2

God can make you comfortable in some of life's most uncomfortable places. He can bring you through situations you think you won't survive or feel like you'll be stuck in forever. He can give you peace when you're under pressure. 

The Mindset Of A Leader - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!

Many things are calling for our attentions these days; the distractions are so much that many are confused as to even the right they know, whether they're right or wrong anymore. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” … Romans 12:2.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Faulted Attitudes Of Leado-Follower-Ship And The Way Out

Attitude they say is everything and everything is about Attitudes. In leadership, the most paramount aspect of life existence is the character we exhibit towards something or someone; and that forms our attitude and gives an impression of that very 'thing' we do or believes in. Today let's be honest about our place of worship.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

19 Ways To Fix Your Wife - Before/When She Is Falling Apart!

Your wife can be dying in silence while still performing her wifely duties. You need to know her well enough as to know when she need to be fixed. When a woman is always moody, cries a lot, always yelling at her children, can easily sleep or sleeps a lot, she may

Our Vocational Training Centre Ready For The Rehabilitees

Our vocational training center ready for the rehabilitees to be positively engaged and productive to themselves and the society. We are in partnership with some technical colleges within the state to foster the skill acquisitions for our rehabilitation center

The Secret Of Trust The How

Deception in a relationship destroys trust and respect. One lie or one act of betrayal can cause a wound that takes years to heal, and in some cases is never healed at all. The person who hides something is basically selfish, protecting their own interests.They care

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Secret And Power Of Self Transformation - You Can Change

People always claim that the constant thing in life is change; right!? Yes but the truth is they actually understand or really believe that in it real in-depth implications. They use such expression only when it favors them!

Time, A Good Tester

Don't assume to be better in knowledge, position, or have more advantage than others until you must have passed the test of TIME. Sometimes our conclusions are based on our inability to pass the test of TIME, and that's why we didn't get what we wanted.

True Freedom From A Life -Time Damage!

There is no better way to waste your time as a single lady, than to date a married man. It can be very frustrating, but you won't because at point you don't reason well; especially that moment when the wife calls and you have to play dead, I mean pretend that you

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