Monday, June 26, 2017

The Complexity Of Humanity: The Way Out And Forward

I have sat, observed, travelled far and wide in my little world; studied and read people, animals, plants; considered circumstances and incidences of LIFE. This is what I have for you. From the Table of Hard Facts: You must realise the following:

1. No matter what you say and how you say it, SOME people will never get it. That's not your fault!

2. No matter how pure your motives are, SOMEBODY will still accuse you of ill intentions.
Stay pure anyway.

3. No matter how humble you are, somebody will still consider you proud. Stay humble, anyway.

4. No matter how generous you are, somebody will still call you "selfish". Remain generous, anyway.

5. Sometimes some of your greatest pains will come from those you gave the most pleasure.

6. Some of your greatest disappointments will come from those you gave your best appointments or commitments.

7. Sometimes some of the worst things you'd hear about yourself may come from those you speak the best of.

8. Not everyone in your ship is paddling in the direction of your dreamed destination. Discernment is key.

9. Loving people sometimes means feeling used by them.

10. Sometimes, doing the right thing ends up making you look like a fool.

11. Tough as it seems, any evil done against you can become a seed for your promotion...It depends on your response.

12. I would rather appear foolish now and see the wisdom of the Almighty God unfold, than appear wise now and turn out a fool later.

13. Promotion doesn't come by fighting for your rights but by being faithful in doing what is right.

14. Those who will enjoy true promotion by the Almighty must be willing to forgive freely, forgive quickly and forgive wholly.

15. Those who will relish true promotion must be willing to serve many for free and selflessly.

16. Read with caution: Sometimes, to see the positive things Almighty God can do for you, then you have to be willing to stop what you can do in offending Him.

17. Without God's sign off, your biggest step can turn out to be your biggest mistake.

18. Pain has a higher potential to toughen you up than pleasure does.

19. Problems are easier to solve than people.

20. Many people will celebrate you only as long as your advancement doesn't exceed their expectations of you.

21. Some people get close enough to you just to find something bad about you in order to broadcast to the world.

22. Some people are quiet when you're succeeding but quick to point out your failures.
This is Really Sad, But True!

NOW THE WAY OUT, AND THE WAY FORWARD - Kindly Consider this:
  1. Hating those who hate you makes them your leaders, since you're following their footsteps!

  2. Rather than react to a negative situation. Respond to your revelation.

  3. Believe the best even when you're going through the worst.

  4. They hurt you? Don't hold it against them. Hold them up in prayer.

  5. Forgiving people is not just a good idea. It's a GOD's idea. Actually, more than an idea. It's an instruction.

  6. How you respond to a situation can be more important than the situation.

  7. Your ability to overlook an offence determines the degree of dominion you'd exercise over many other things.

  8. Wisdom will help you solve problems. A large heart will help you accommodate people.
  9. You need both.

  10. When all is said and done, let the fear and the love of the Almighty GOD in your heart pour through your daily walk!

  11. The wise is he who takes lessons from the above, and with them benefit others!
  12. With much Love from us;

- Eternal Truth Comm. Network - A Citadel of Mysteries

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