Friday, February 10, 2017

Brief on the DLTI International

In the matter of national development and growth, one ‘thing’ must stand out, and that is the issue of vision. The foundation of our dear country Nigeria has to be revisited, and I say this with all sense of humility; if not we will keep going round the clock. I think ‘history’ has to come into play here. Vision, is the basic requirement for leadership.

Thought Provoking piece from Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka VC University of Ibadan

After independence, in order to build a great nation, each country went to work. But in Nigeria, after independence, our people went to pray and fast. So, while we were praying, Malaysia came here and took our palm seedlings and built a great factory of it.

The Shining Rehabilitation Centre

It started with a spark of a simple dream from a simple heart of a simple man, B. L. Dickson; the passion and desire to see productivity and value in our youngsters. Going from one street to the next, I began to weep as I see many young talents wasting and basking in the euphoria of stake illiteracy, violence, drunkenness, and drugs addictions of all sorts.

Agricultural transformation Agenda-Blue Print

As part of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s effort to revamp the agriculture sector, ensure food security, diversify the economy and enhance foreign exchange earnings, the FMARD embarked on a Transformation Agenda with a focus on the development of agricultural value chains, including the provision and availability of improved inputs (seeds

Dickson Leadership Training Institute International - Mission Statement

We combine a rigorous curriculum, transformational learning experiences, and a rich co-curricular life to create a dynamic and inclusive scholarly environment. The entire College community works together to advance knowledge and inspire our students to be socially

Friday, February 3, 2017

Open Letter to Mr. President and the DSS Officials of Nigeria


Brief Welcome Message

Hello and thank you for this great relationship that has been set in motion, I believe that only time can tell the outcome thereof! Elohim, the Creator has blessed us with the ability and capacity to 'create' and maintain relationships, this is something that we highly treasure.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Open Letter to All Legislators and Fellow Nigerians

I have participated actively in politics - in my own way, in a sense I called it "Representative Democracy" though I failed. You want to know 'why'!? Because I came in within with a different mindset from the 'usual norm of this cankerworm'! Spare me the rest of the story. 

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