Thursday, August 10, 2017

Textual Leadership Quotes For The Great Minds In The Leadership Arena.

Over the years, I've been working hard and trusting that we would be able to capture the mind of great leaders in a 'nutshell' so that all and sundry will be able switch or tune into their frequency, somehow and tap resources of immeasurable value; until sometimes last year 2016, when I came up with this idea of e-posters 

where words that are of eternal value can be succinctly captured and delivered to those who desire to grow and go far in the school of leadership and in their leadership pursuit.
Good words are  actually messengers of hope and reformation for transformation of the nations of the earth; and until we do, nothing happens; things will remain just the way they were/are. Truth is, "until you are properly and adequately informed, chances are that you will remain deformed in life and through life"  - B. L. Dickson, 2014

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