Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Paradigm Shift; The Economic And Financial Freedom

The looming danger on today's economic system of government, is the exposition and the manifestation of soft madness that the African leaders have buried themselves solidly and refuse a chance of hope for a resurrection. It pains my heart when I deeply consider the plight of my people!

When is freedom truly coming?
When is tomorrow, really?
Who will lead, when tomorrow comes?

How can a citizen, a single human being steal up to $90m and the system feels relaxed and comfortable.
True or false is not my main point of argument, because we Africans and Africa have told ourselves so much lies to a point that we lack one lie to cover another!

Looted funds cannot even be accounted for in a country where we claim;
"we belong to everybody, and to nobody".

A nation where 'Integrity' should be the songs of our souls, but rottenness instead.

Black, is no longer defined by the dictionary of intellectuals, but by politicians, who are actually 'politicasting'.

White, has suffered the same fate.
And I ask; Where will our children turn to?
Who will they come to truly believe and appreciate?

One Thousand, Five hundred, and Two hundred Naira notes, are still occupying a luxurious accommodation in a country where 'restructuring' has been given deaf ears to.

A license for nonsense to the lover of nonsensitivity. (forgive my grammar). but,

What do you expert!

Like I always say, "the strength of evil is it supply; So Cut it off" - B. L. Dickson, 2016

Let's be wise and think posterity!
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