Thursday, August 10, 2017

Institute For Contextual Leadership

OMNIA; In partnership with Community Peace Dialogue and Interfaith Initiative, CPDAII in our state and the North-Eastern part of Nigeria has come to do a great work, such that the Dickson Leadership Training Institute International cannot but be part of the great move of restructuring the minds and the mindset of all religious bodies.

What a great step of peaceful adventures in the matters of faith and one's true believe!
OMNIA's unique Immersion Journeys puts travelers face to face with real-world, life-changing experiences: from the plight of deported immigrants at the U.S.-Mexican border, realities of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, and a fascinating journey into religious diversity as we explore Buddhist spirituality in Sri Lanka.

in many sectors of the religious institutions, one thing has been missing, its still missing - the power and the concept of 'synergy'!
we believe that our partnership will create and pivot a great deal of example to many.
The pictures below captured some of the events at the training retreat, dated;
August, 2 - 4th 2017.

 CPDAII; Chaired by Rev.  Abare Kalla (CAN N-E Zonal Chairman)

 B. L. Dickson, CEO: DLTI International solidly supporting OMNIA in his state, Gombe.

 Cross-section of all Interfaith participants, Gombe, N-E Nigeria.

 President; OMNIA, Ms Soraya Deen, and Rev Dr Isaac Laudarji; ready to deliver.

Rev Dr. Shanta Premawardhana - President; OMNIA delivering a lecture; B. L. Dickson; CEO; DLTI international is by his right-hand side, listening attentively.

Click here to know about OMNIA; DLTII or view more info.

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